Entity Framework Beta 2 & the 1st Entity Framework Tools CTP Released!


The long awaited Entity Framework Beta 2 and the accompanying Entity Framework Tools CTP have been released!

ADO.NET team blog : Entity Framework Beta 2 & the 1st Entity Framework Tools CTP Released!


A common business need: Generating server-side documents on the fly


I gathered a list of common Open XML questions related to programmability:

  1. What are the Open XML File Formats and what can I do with them?
  2. Can you show me the internal structure of a Word 2007 document?
  3. What are WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML, PresentationML, and DrawingML?
  4. Do you have a .NET API that I can use to generate documents programmatically (server-side)?
  5. What is the architecture of a server-side OBA document generation solution?
  6. How can I generate a document programmatically and have more control over document content?
  7. How do you add images to an Open XML document?
  8. How can I pull data from my data source and create a table in a document?
  9. How can I add styles and format to my document content?
  10. What about compatibility with previous versions of Office?

Office Business Applications + Open XML File Formats

 I blogged to show you how to generate a document using a document template, content controls, and XML mapping. I also created a little video and article that shows how to bind custom xml to a document template. This approach is great when you are trying to replace placeholder data in document templates like an invoice or contract. However, your business needs may be different and you may want to have more control over document content and formatting. In that case a better approach would be to manipulate the WordProcessingML content stored in different document parts.

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Erika Ehrli : A common business need: Generating server-side documents on the fly

Dapper to Launch Instant Facebook AppMaker


This Tuesday, Israel-based Dapper will launch the private beta of Facebook AppMaker, a new tool that the company claims will provide people with a dead simple way to create new Facebook applications.

At its core, Dapper allows users to create API?s called ?Dapps? by selecting data from Websites, RSS/XML feeds, Google Gadgets, and more. Each ?Dapp? is an XML which can be manipulated in any number of ways. The company released a tool to create Netvibes modules in late 2006.

Dapper?s Facebook AppMaker lets these Dapps be transformed into full-blown Facebook applications. This includes functionalities such as remote search and retrieval, remote login, and multi-page apps. A Facebook Developer account is a prerequisite to the AppMaker process itself.

Dapper to Launch Instant Facebook AppMaker

Ruby, PHP, ASP.NET Job Comparison

New York City, East Coast

Monster.com 10270 29 357 621
Career Builder 10270 8 184 356
Hot Jobs 10270 18 176 180
Total 55 717 1157


West Coast – San Francisco

Monster.com 94130 23 216 135
Career Builder 94130 17 123 67
Hot Jobs 94130 31 521 107
Total 71 860 309


So for me ASP.NET makes the most sense by far (almost 4x that of PHP).  A surprise to me is on the West Coast, were it looks like ASP.NET is much smaller then else where.  It seems that Ruby on Rails is very much in the incubator stage still, I guess I?m not turning on RoR anytime soon after all.

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Customize the Windows Vista Media Center SDK project template


Windows Media Center SDK 5.2 Now Available

Customization that can be made to this project template in order to create different types of Windows Vista Media Center applications:

I encourage you to check out these posts to see step by step instructions for these customizations that can be made to the standard Windows Vista Media Center SDK project template.