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Process is simple.  First you need to add a HWND to your WPF applications in UI to host Windows Form controls there.  Actually you must derive a class from HwndHost base class to be able to do this but thankfully Microsoft has done the main job and has added a default implementation that is suitable for many common needs and it’s WindowsFormsHost.


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Secure Your ASP.NET Apps And WCF Services With Windows CardSpace — MSDN Magazine, April 2007


By Michèle Leroux Bustamante


Windows CardSpace and Information Cards
Personal Cards
Managed Cards
Browsers and Identity Selectors
Object and XHTML Parameters
Processing the Security Token
Associating Cards with an Account
Integrating Windows CardSpace with WCF

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Using CardSpace without using WCF or Browser

Getting CardSpace Tokens Programmatically

The wrapper allows you to  basically pass in the required details (issuer and target URI, the target identity as well as required/optional claims) and get back the encrypted XML token. 

This code snippet shows how to use the wrapper to get a token for a self issued card:

IdentitySelector selector = new IdentitySelector();

selector.IssuerUri = 
new Uri(""); selector.TargetUri = new Uri("http://relyingParty"); selector.SetTargetCertificate("RelyingParty", X509FindType.FindBySubjectName, StoreLocation.CurrentUser, StoreName.AddressBook); selector.RequiredClaims.Add(ClaimTypes.GivenName); selector.RequiredClaims.Add(ClaimTypes.Surname); selector.RequiredClaims.Add(ClaimTypes.Email); string tokenString = selector.GetTokenString();

From this point on it is up to you to use this token in whatever way you want.

It is as easy a shipping a string to your relying party.

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