Parallel Extensions to the .NET FX CTP


Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework technology, available for download on MSDN.  This release contains new APIs to make programming on the .NET Framework simpler as well as supporting documentation and samples. 

Parallel Extensions runs on .NET FX 3.5, and relies on features available in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 and includes:

  • Imperative data and task parallelism APIs, including parallel for and foreach loops, to make the transition from sequential to parallel programs simpler.
  • Declarative data parallelism in the form of a data parallel implementation of LINQ-to-Objects.  This allows you to run LINQ queries on multiple processors.
  • First class tasks that can be used to schedule, wait on, and cancel parallel work.
  • New concurrency runtime used across the library to enable lightweight tasks and effectively map and balance the concurrency expressed in code to available concurrent resources on the execution platform.
  • Several great examples of how to use parallelism in real world problems to obtain impressive speedups, including a raytracer, Sudoku puzzle generator, and other simple puzzle solvers and smaller samples.





Our Experts, We spoke with…

  • David Wadhwani, vice president, RIA platform, platform business unit at Adobe
  • David Temkin, CTO at Laszlo Systems
  • David Intersimone, CodeGear (previously Borland), vice president of developer relations and chief evangelist
  • Tim Bray, director of Web technologies, Sun Microsystems
  • Bob Brewin, a Sun Distinguished Engineer and chief technology officer for software
  • Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla‘s VP of engineering
  • Scott Guthrie, general manager, .Net development platform, Microsoft
  • Brian Goldfarb, group product manager, UX platform and tools strategy, Microsoft
  • Dean Hachamovich, general manager of Internet Explorer, Microsoft
  • Jean-François Abramatic, chief product officer at ILOG, who also served as chairman of the W3C (currently he’s on the W3C Advisory Board) and as a director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • Jochen Krause, CEO of Innoopract (the company behind Eclipse RAP)
  • Alex Russell, project lead for the open-source Dojo Toolkit

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