Twitter .NET / C# Library


.NET / C# class that wraps most of the Twitter API in an easy to use way, providing you direct access to the various methods and output formats used on the Twitter API.

Plus Direct Message methods in the comment section.

The library structure is quite straightforward. Every method in the Twitter API has a method in the C# class with the same name. Every method that can return one of the various formats such as RSS, XML and Atom follow the following convention “MethodNameAsFormat”. For example, the method “GetPublicTimeline” has a sibling method named “GetPublicTimelineAsXML” which returns an XmlDocument of the result.

Via Twitter .NET / C# Library  here & here.

Download here


3 thoughts on “Twitter .NET / C# Library

  1. Hey Claudio,

    you need to turn set the PreAuthenticate property of the HttpRequest object to true. Or if you are using a WebClient object you need to create a new child class that inherits from WebClient and override the getHttpRequest to return a HttpRequest object that has the PreAuthenticate property set to true.

    hope it helps.. laters

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