Scott on Writing

Again…Excellent Tutorial from Scott Mitchell

  • Creating the Membership Schema in SQL Server [VB | C#] – explores the Membership framework and its goals. Looks at configuring and setting up the SqlMembershipProvider, which stores user account information in a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Creating User Accounts [VB | C#] – examines creating user accounts using the CreateUserWizard control as well as using the Membership class’s CreateUser method.
  • Validating User Credentials Against the Membership User Store [VB | C#] – shows how to validate a user’s supplied credentials and log them on (and off) the site. Looks at using both the Login Web control and the Membership.ValidateUser method.
  • User-Based Authorization [VB | C#] – examines how to restrict access to pages or functionality within a page based on the logged in user.
  • Storing Additional User Information [VB | C#] – the Membership framework only stores a handful of user attributes, but oftentimes additional, application-specific user information needs to be tracked. This tutorial looks at how to accomplish this.

Via Scott on Writing


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