SQL# (SQLsharp) – Enabling more powerful SQL



  • String: Contains, Count, Cut, EndsWith, Equals, IndexOf, InitCap, Join, LastIndexOf, Newline, NthIndexOf, PadLeft, PadRight, Split, SplitIntoFields, StartsWith, Trim, WordWrap
  • RegEx: IsMatch, Matches, Match, MatchLength, MatchSimple, Replace, Split
  • Math: CompoundAmortizationSchedule, Constant (30 physics constants), Convert (22 measurement conversions), Cosh, Factorial, IsPrime, RandomRange, Sinh, Tanh
  • Date: BusinessDays, DaysInMonth, DaysLeftInYear, FirstDayOfMonth, FormatTimeSpan, FromUNIXTime, FullDateString, FullTimeString, IsBusinessDay, IsLeapYear, LastDayOfMonth, ToUNIXTime
  • InterNet (not available in free version): AddressToNumber, FtpDo, FtpGet, FtpPut, GetHostName, GetIPAddress, GetWebPages, IsValidIPAddress, NumberToAddress, Ping, PingTime
  • File (not available in free version): ChangeEncoding, Copy, CopyMultiple, CreateDirectory, Decrypt, Delete, DeleteDirectory, DeleteMultiple, Encrypt, GetDirectoryListing, GetDriveInfo, GetFile, GetFileBinary, GetRandomFileName, GetTempPath, GUnzip, GZip, Move, MoveMultiple, PathExists, SplitIntoFields, WriteFile, WriteFileBinary
  • Miscellaneous: CRC32, Deflate, GenerateDateTimeRange, GenerateDateTimes, GenerateFloatRange, GenerateFloats, GenerateIntRange, GenerateInts, GUnzip, GZip, Hash, Inflate, IsValidCC, IsValidSSN, ToWords
  • Database: DumpData (not available in free version)
  • Convert: BinaryToHexString, FromBase64, HexStringToBinary, ROT13, ToBase64
  • LookUps: GetCountryInfo, GetStateInfo
  • Internal: Version, Help, Setup, Uninstall, GrantPermissions, IsUpdateAvailable, Update (not available in free version), SetSecurity, WebSite
  • User-Defined Aggregates: GeometricAvg, Join, Median, Random, RootMeanSqr
  • User-Defined Types: FloatArray, HashTable, NVarcharArray

What can SQL# do?

  • SQL# gives you the easiest access to the power of the CLR!
    — a single assembly with over 100 functions, 5 User-Defined Aggregates, 3 User-Defined Types, and more being added!
  • SQL# installs easily and in moments!
    — download one small install sql script, execute it, and enjoy the power of the CLR!
  • SQL# is backed up and restored with the database along with all other objects and data!
    — no need to worry about separate DLLs as with COM Extended Stored Procedures
  • SQL# has built in documentation (list of function and procedure signatures)!
    — if you ever lose the documention, the worst off you are is one procedure call away from viewing the entire list of function signatures!
  • SQL# can easily be updated via the web in moments!
    — you can optionally install updates via the web with a single procedure call
  • SQL# saves countless hours learning CLR and .Net, not to mention the cost of Visual Studio 2005!
    — time is money and you have work to do so why stop and learn yet another language, especially when you might need to purchase additional software just to compile a basic function!
  • SQL# lets you focus on SQL programming without sacrificing the power of the CLR!
    — again, there is only so much time in the day so do you want to spend it NOT being productive?


Download Free Version of SQL# (SQLsharp) here!

The manual and “What’s New” document cover both Free and Paid-For versions.
Manual in PDF format (766k)
What’s New in Version 2.5.20/2.5.21 (122k)

Date_BusinessDays ExcludeDaysMask Worksheet .
Download Spreadsheet (19k)

Via SQL# (SQLsharp) – Enabling more powerful SQL (Features)


4 thoughts on “SQL# (SQLsharp) – Enabling more powerful SQL

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this article. I really appreciate your knowledge about SQL#. I can bet this will help many peoples. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hey there. Thanks for posting this about my project!! Just to clarify, the download links are pointing to the wrong directory. However, it is preferred that people go to the website directly for the downloads:


    since files might change location. Also, I am now two versions ahead of the list noted above so there are 15 additional functions.

    Thanks again and take care,

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