Ease your SQL Server Management Studio SSMS experience

SQL Server Management Studio Express Utility

In SSMS Tools Pack 1.0  you can find these features:

- Uppercase/Lowercase keywords:

          Set all keywords to uppercase or lowercase letters. Custom keywords can be added.

- Run one script on multiple databases:

          Run selected or full window text on selected databases on the currently connected server.

- Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard:

          Copy selected or all execution plans to a bitmap that is saved on the clipboard.

- Search Results in Grid Mode and Execution Plans:

          Find all occurrences of your search string in the execution plans or in the results in datagrid mode.

- Generate Insert statements for a single table, the whole database or current resultsets in grids:

          Generate insert statement from your data.

- Query Execution History (Soft Source Control)

           Save all executed queries to file or database and easily find them.

- Text document Regions and Debug sections

           Add Regions and Debug section in your scripts to ease development experience.

- Running custom scripts from Object explorer’s Context menu

           Speedy execution of custom scripts from Object Explorer’s context menus.

- CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) stored procedure generation:

           Generate Customizable CRUD stored procedures for all tables in your database.

- New query template:

           Create a template that is shown when creating a new query window.

Ease your SSMS experience: SSMS Tools PACK 1.0 is out!

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