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What is the YouTube Data API?

The YouTube Data API offers a simple and powerful way to access YouTube’s content in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can request a list of videos that match specific search criteria, get access to the most popular YouTube videos, or get public information about YouTube users (such as playlists, subscriptions, or contacts).

The YouTube Data API is based on the Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 syndication formats and the Atom Publishing Protocol. Learn more about Google Data APIs.

How do I start?

If you’re new to the YouTube Data API, here’s how we recommend you get started:

  1. Get familiar with the GData Google Data APIs.
  2. Read the YouTube Data API Developer’s Guide.
  3. Refer to the YouTube Data API Reference Guide as needed.
  4. YouTube Data API – Google Code Home Page


  1. Client Libraries 
  2. Sample Code
  3. Batch Processing allows you to execute multiple operations in 1 request.
  4. Authentication – Desktop/Web (ClientLogin/AuthSub) 


.NET GData Client Library Developer’s Guide

This document provides a set of examples of common uses of the C# version of the client library, followed by other information about writing GData clients. At the end of this document is a link to the reference documentation for the C# client library, in NDoc format. Nothing YouTube Specific inside.

 .NET GData Sample

These samples can be found in the downloadable .NET client library package. For more information, see the .NET client library developer’s guide, or download the .NET client library from google code.

GUI application to edit a Blogger feed.
GUI application to browse a calendar.
GUI application to query Google Code Search.
Command line clients for querying and manipulating a Google Base feed.
Simple client that inserts a hardwired entry into a calendar.
Simple client that pulls data from a calendar.
GUI aplication to manipulate a spreadsheet.
Simple client that modifies some entries in a calendar.


Google Data APIs Protocol Basics


3 thoughts on “YouTube Data API – Google Code

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  2. i am new to Youtube API and going through the Youtube Developer’s
    Guide to run the test application:
    i just follow the guide about always some problems came out:

    For instance::
    i am using this code in aspx.cs file

    static void printVideoFeed(YouTubeFeed feed)
    foreach (YouTubeEntry entry in feed.Entries)

    static void printVideoEntry( Video video)
    ….. just copy from the .net guide..

    But the VS 2008 always says

    Error 4 Argument ‘1’: cannot convert from
    ‘Google.GData.Client.Feed’ to
    However, how to change the YoutubeEntry to Video?!. Here.?
    Any suggestion. thx in advanced..

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