Scale Cheaply – Sharding


There are a lot of expensive ways to scale your database – all of which are highly touted by the big three database vendors because, well, they want to sell you all types of really expensive stuff. Despite what an “engagement consultant” might tell you though, most of the high-traffic websites on the web (google, digg, facebook) rely on far cheaper and better strategies: the core of which is called sharding.

Sharding is the separation of your data across multiple servers. How you separate your data is up to you, but generally it’s done on some fundamental identifier.

Our first 500 clients can all go on our first server, at which point we can introduce a second database server and place our next 500 clients. Servers need only be added when actually needed, and there’s no need for management servers, load balancers or anything else – just straight database connections.

Via Scale Cheaply – Sharding – Karl Seguin


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