Yahoo! Search BOSS C# Implementation


Written by Scott Watermasysk


Implementation supports all of the Boss API except for spell checking. This includes Image, News, and Web searches. Search results are returned in three formats: Xml, JSON, and an object set.

Here are a couple examples.

Example 1: Search for “Telligent”:
var result = new WebSearch(“BOSS_ID”).Query(“Telligent”).Get();

Example 2: Search for “Telligent” and limit the results to 5 and get the second page of results.
XElement result = new WebSearch(“BOSS_ID”).Query(“Telligent”).Take(5).Skip(5).GetXML();

Example 3: Search for “Telligent” but limit it to it to a couple of sites:
string json = new WebSearch(“Boss_ID”).Query(“Telligent”).Site(“”).Site(“”).GetJSON();

Example 4: Search for “Telligent” mentions in the news for the last week.
var result = new NewsSearch(“Boss_ID”).Query(“Telligent”).Age(7).Get();

Example 5: Search for “Telligent” images:
var result = new ImageSearch(“Boss_ID”).Query(“Telligent”).Filter(false).Get

Download Assembly and Source.

Via Yahoo! Search BOSS C# Implementation : Simpable


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