Live Framework: FAQs and Resources



1. Documentation:

2. Walkthroughs:

a. Developing applications using Live Framework (different scenarios in Microsoft Word Format)

b. Getting started with Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

3. PDC 2008 Sessions and Videos related to Live Services/Live Framework

a. [PDC 2008 Session] What I Learnt Building My First Mesh Application

b. [PDC 2008 Session] Programming Live Services Using Non-Microsoft Technologies

c. [PDC 2008 Session] Live Framework: Architecture and Insights

d. [PDC 2008 Session] Building Mesh-enabled Web Applications using Live Framework

e. [PDC 2008 Session] Building Applications with the Live Framework

f. [PDC 2008 Session] A Lap around Live Framework and Mesh Services

g. [Channel9 Video] Inside Live Framework

h. [Channel9 Video] Inside Live Services

Via Live Framework: FAQs and Resources : Live Framework : Azure : MSDN Forums


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