What’s inside the WCF REST Starter Kit

  • Visual Studio Project Templates image
    • REST Singleton Service produces a service that exposes the full HTTP interface (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) around a singleton resource, and it automatically provides both XML and JSON representations for the underlying resource.
    • REST Collection Service similar to the REST Singleton Service only it also provides support for managing a collection of SampleItem resources.
    • HTTP Plain XML Service provides ONLY the GET and POST operations for those who don’t care about fully conforming to the RESTful design  and would rather build a REST/RPC hybrid service by overloading GET and POST using the HTTP Headers.
    • Atom Feed Service template provides a sample implementation that shows how to programmatically generate and return a SyndicationFeed instance.
    • Atom Publishing Protocol Service template produces a full-fledged AtomPub service capable of managing collections of resources as well as media entries.
  • WebProtocolException allows you to directly set your HTTP status code.
  • WebServiceHost2/WebServiceHost2Factory which provides a zero-config experience. Provide support for Help Page.
  • Help Page and using [WebHelp] for annotation. Simply navigate to /help image
  • [WebCache]
  • RequestInterceptor
  • Added Extension methods to the WebOperationContext class.

You can download the WCF REST Starter Kit here.

For samples of using the starter kit, look at this A Developer Guide to the WCF REST Starter Kit.


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