XAML guidelines


XAML Guidelines Draft  HTML, PDF, XPS and DOCX.


Introduction. 1

Why XAML guidelines?. 1

Come on, get to the guidelines. Please!. 1

Overall Project Organization. 2

Naming conventions. 3

Scenario 1: Naming elements within a scene. 3

Scenario 2: Naming elements within a template. 4

Organizing resources. 5

Scenario 1: Organizing logical resources within a scene. 5

Scenario 2: Organizing resources in a resource dictionary. 6

Using static versus dynamic resources (in non-themed projects). 8

Using static versus dynamic resources (in themed or skinned projects). 8

Using the xmlns prefix. 8

Using implicit styles versus explicit styles. 9

Wrapping control templates in styles. 9

Templating inside Expression Blend. 10

Referencing file-based resources (dictionaries, images, fonts, etc.). 10

Declaring individual XAML elements. 10

Converters. 11

Commands. 11

Theming (or more commonly skinning). 12

Conclusion. 13

Thanks. 13

Jaime Rodriguez : XAML guidelines part 3


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