Useful Web Links for Computer Science Teachers


K-12 Faculty Community Site – A source for curriculum resources, teacher forums, and program announcements

Programming Languages for Beginners

Alice  – A 3-dimensional, drag and drop programming language from Carnegie Mellon University

Kodu – A graphical programming tool for younger students. Kodu will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace this spring. A version for schools is in the works. I included that link because I am talking about it to let people know it is coming.

Scratch  – a light weight 2-dimensional, drag and drop programming language from MIT

Small Basic

CSUnplugged – Computer Science Unplugged is a series of learning activities that reveals a little-known secret: computer science isn’t really about computers at all!

Kid’s Corner – Beginner Developer Learning Center – A web site for people of all ages who want to learn programming and web development. Tutorials, videos, projects and web casts

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Visual Programming Language for robots, runtime libraries for higher level programming, a 3-dimensional robot simulator with sample simulations, tutorials, and videos

Alfred Thompson’s Blog  Which is of course right here.

Sharing of resources, links, and information of interest to K-12 Computer Science Teachers

Computer Science Teacher – Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson : Useful Web Links for Computer Science Teachers


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