Using the YouTube APIs to Build Monetizable Applications


This document provides guidelines for using the YouTube APIs to build applications that make money. It discusses types of monetization opportunities that are typically associated with several different ways that users interact with online video – video creation, organization, discovery and playback.

Additional suggestions

Users interact with online video in a number of different ways. While developers frequently focus on monetizing pages that play videos, in truth the greatest opportunities for innovation (and making money) lie in other parts of the user experience – creation, organization and discovery.

The YouTube APIs let you incorporate many different types of YouTube functionality into your own website or application. However, while you could use the API to clone YouTube on your site, you won’t create much value in doing so. To create a highly monetizable application, we recommend that you try to think of new, creative ways that people could interact with online videos.

For more goto Using the YouTube APIs to Build Monetizable Applications – YouTube APIs and Tools – Google Code


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