Silverlight Drag Drop Manager


Overview / getting started

The Silverlight Drag And Drop Manager consists of 2 controls (and their corresponding event argument classes): DragSource & DropTarget. The first one makes any control draggable: just add the control (and if you wish, a ghost for that control) as the Content-property of the DragSource.
The DropTarget defines a place in your application where you can drop your DragSources. Every DragSource has a list of DropTargets on which it can be dropped, thus defining the possible DropTargets for a DragSource. On the other hand, every DropTarget has a Content-property, which can contain anything that’s a DragSource (assuming the correct rights).
Typically, you’d create a list of DropTargets & a list of DragSources on screen if you want to be able to drag those DragSources into your DropTargets. If you want to have two lists, and want to be able to drag the DragSources back to their original position, you ‘d create a list of empty DropTargets, and a list of DropTargets with DragSources as their Content.
Both controls can be added to your Silverlight-app using CodeBehind or using XAML notation. They both expose different events you can bind handlers to, if needed, eg: DragSourceDropped-event, DropTargetEntered event, et cetera.
Next to that, both controls are highly configurable, so lots of possible scenarios are available. Have a look at the sample application to see a few of them in action!
The release contains all the sourcecode, the necessary binaries, the sample application. You can also download a generated help file (made using Sandcastle & DocProject).

To view a running sample of the Drag And Drop Manager in action with different behaviours applied (so you can see some of the things you can do with it), click here!

Silverlight Drag Drop Manager – Home


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