Silverlight.FX is a light-weight application framework for building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 2.


Here is a list of the current feature areas in Silverlight.FX:

  • Application Model – SilverlightFX features a richer Application object providing a service model, an IoC container, support for theming, view model (M-V-VM), navigation and MVC, amongst various other features.
  • User Interface Components – SilverlightFX provides a small set of enhanced controls, support for Forms and Windows, master page like containers, layout controls and data-bound controls.
  • Declarative Views – SilverlightFX provides a framework for writing behaviors, actions, triggers, and commands, and also provides a set of out-of-the-box implementations.
  • Effects and Transitions – SilverlightFX provides a procedural animation framework capable of implementing tweens and interpolations and easing behaviors. Additionally it provides simple but broadly applicable animations that can be applied as effects and transitions to standard controls in a fully declarative manner.

Via Silverlight.FX


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