How to handle JSON dates returned by ASP.NET AJAX


The problem of how to handle dates in JSON is one of the more troublesome issues that may arise when directly calling ASP.NET AJAX web services and page methods.

Unlike every other data type in the language, JavaScript offers no declarative method for expressing a Date. Consequently, embedding them within JSON requires a bit of fancy footwork. More… How I handle JSON dates returned by ASP.NET AJAX | Encosia


Simple “Flip Control” built on PlaneProjection



FlipControl which has properties;

  • IsIdle
  • FrontContent
  • RearContent
  • FlipAxis (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • Duration
  • OffsetX
  • OffsetY
  • OffsetZ

and then a single method;


and a single event;


and so I can go and use it in a Silverlight app with something like;

Mike Taulty’s Blog : Silverlight 3 – Simple “Flip Control” built on PlaneProjection

Notifications and Subscriptions in Live Framework


Notifications and Subscriptions

In this post, we will explain how to make use of notifications in the Live Framework. When you subscribe to a specific resource, the Live Framework provides notifications when changes are made to that resource. This allows you to optimize interactions with the Live Operating Environment (both client and cloud) and only retrieve information when something has changed

Live Framework Team Blog : Notifications and Subscriptions

Windows 7 Taskbar .NET Sample Library – an Overview


This is the first post in a series of Taskbar posts. It provides an overview of both the new Taskbar functionality and the Taskbar and Libraries Sample .NET Interop Library, which is a managed code wrapper and part of the Windows 7 .NET Interop Sample Libraries.

Windows 7 Taskbar .NET Sample Library – an Overview – Windows 7 for Developers – The Windows Blog