A 10 parts Expression Blend 3 Tutorial for Silverlight

This series of articles were written by Adam Kinney

1. Drawing an emoticon in Expression Blend
First steps in getting to know the tools and workspace in Blend

2. Element Transformations
Learn to use Scale, Rotate, Skew and 2.5D Transformations

3. Get Started with Animation
A Quick Overview on Creating Time-Based Animations

4. Playing Video with the MediaElement
Using the flexible MediaElement control as a reusable Surface

5. Arranging Pictures to Learn Layout
Use the Grid, StackPanel, ScrollableViewer and Border to position Images

6. A Look at Text in Silverlight
Learn about Displaying Text, Font Properties and Embedding Fonts

7. Import an Adobe Photoshop File into Blend
Convert the assets from a Photoshop file into Interactive Controls

8. Styling and Skinning Controls
Customize the Look by Setting Properties and Building Templates

9. Styling and working with Design-Time Data
Explore how Templates and Bindings are used to display dynamic data

10. Giving Behaviors a Test Drive
A brief overview and walkthrough of the Behaviors included with Blend




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