Windows Azure Platform Training Course


The Windows Azure Platform Training Course includes a comprehensive set of technical content including samples, demos, hands-on labs, and presentations that are designed to expedite the learning process for the set of technologies released as part of the Windows Azure Platform.

Units in this course

     In this introductory unit, the Windows Azure Platform evangelism team welcomes you to the training course and goes over the significant changes to the platform since it was announced in 2008 and also cover what you’ll see in the course and how to follow along with the labs.

     Learn about Windows Azure and discover how to build applications for the cloud.

     Learn all about using Windows Azure Storage, including tables, blobs and queues.

     Learn all about deploying applications to Windows Azure, including automating deployments, performing upgrades and scaling services.

     SQL Azure is the relational database service for the Windows Azure platform built on SQL Server technology providing a familiar programming model. Here you will learn how to get started, how to migrate databases and tips for using SQL Azure.

     Microsoft Codename "Dallas" is a new information service that lets you leverage data sets and web services from public and private sector in your applications through a simple consistent API. Here you can learn how to get started consuming "Dallas" data in your applications and analytics workloads.

     In this unit you will learn all about the Service Bus and how you can use it for Service Remoting and Eventing Scenarios.

     Whether you are looking at reusing your on-premises identity for SSO in the cloud or you are searching for a way to handle access control for your REST services, in this unit you will find useful indications on how to address your identity challenges with Windows Identity Foundation in Windows Azure or taking advantage of the Access Control Service.


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