Silverlight TV – The Best Blend 3 Video Ever!


You never know what hijinks are in store when Adam Kinney and John get together. In this episode, Adam makes his theatrical return to Silverlight TV and claims to have filmed the best Expression Blend 3 video ever! Adam demonstrates:

  • sketching with SketchFlow
  • importing images
  • path conversion to elements
  • sample data
  • editing item templates
  • data binding
  • behaviors
  • effects
  • visual states
  • easing

This is a great and very practical demonstration of Blend 3 from the Expression Evangelist himself.

Links for this episode:


Scalable Vector Orb Radio Button


A Radio Button styled like a glassy orb. This orb is completely vector. It is scalable and maintains it’s proportions as you resize it.

Note that it uses effects from the Codeplex WPF Pixel Shader Effects Library.

Download here –> Scalable Vector Orb Radio Button

Windows Phone 7 to offer both Silverlight and XNA development


A week after Microsoft formally announced the forthcoming release of Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress event, the software giant remains mum on what the new platform means for developers, promising their questions will be answered at its MIX event taking place in Las Vegas next month. In the meantime, documentation is already beginning to leak, presumably from Microsoft’s OEM partners, and the details indicate that WinPhone 7 development will rely almost exclusively on managed code–Microsoft will enable developers to write their apps in two frameworks, one based on Silverlight (its cross-platform .NET environment rivaling Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR) and the other based on its XNA gaming platform.