Ten Cool Features in Visual Studio 2010

1. Pinning variables when debugging


2. Box selection


Brittany Behrens from the Visual Studio Editor Team has an excellent 3 minute video that shows off a few cool VS 2010 multi-line code editing scenarios with box selection

3. On-the-fly search

When pressing Crtl and , (comma) the new Navigate To window appears. This is a real-time search window offering basically the same functionality as the Find and Replace window (opened by Crtl + Shift + F) but doing it on-the fly

4. Zooming


5. View call hierarchy


6. Sequence diagrams


7. Dependency graphs


8. IntelliTrace and dump debugging

9. Multi-monitor support

Click on the document tab or tool window and drag outside the IDE to any location on any monitor.


10. Intellisense improvements

a. When selecting any variable, all instances of it are highlighted

b. Search is not limited to prefixes

Via http://www.scottlogic.co.uk/blog/gergely/2010/04/ten-cool-things-you-didnt-know-about-visual-studio-2010/


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