Learning MEF in Silverlight 4 and .NET 4

MEF has shipped with Silverlight 4 and with .NET Framework 4.0 and there are versions on CodePlex targeting Silverlight 3 and .NET Framework V3.5 Sp1.

If you’re looking to get started with MEF then here’s some quick resources;

  1. Glenn Block’s new MSDN Magazine Overview Article and Glenn’s Blog
  2. The Overview on CodePlex
  3. The Programming Guide on CodePlex
  4. Mike Taulty’s Channel 9 Videos

but if you’re already up and running then want to know what’s new in the latest drop for the Silverlight developer?

  1. Updated samples!
  2. Renaming and changes to PartInitializer
  3. Renaming and moving of PartCreator
  4. Renaming and changes to CompositionHost.InitializeContainer
  5. A new DeploymentCatalog class, suport dynamically asyn load XAP files on demand!!!

For more check this out: http://mtaulty.com/CommunityServer/blogs/mike_taultys_blog/archive/2010/02/17/new-mef-drop-preview-9-on-codeplex.aspx



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