MEF Programming Guide with Silverlight-specific functionality

MEF Programming Guide

  1. Hosting MEF in an application
  2. Defining Parts and Contracts
  3. Declaring Exports
  4. Declaring Imports
  5. Lazy Imports
  6. Exports and Metadata
  7. Using Catalogs
  8. Filtered Catalogs
  9. Part Lifetime
  10. Recomposition
  11. Querying the Composition Container
  12. Composition Batch
  13. Debugging and Diagnostics
  14. FAQ

Silverlight-specific functionality

  1. Hosting MEF in Silverlight using CompositionInitializer
  2. Overriding the default host configuration
  3. Dynamic Instantiation and ExportFactory<T>
  4. Application partitioning with DeploymentCatalog

Also MEF Programming Guide – pdf


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