jLight – Interop between Silverlight and JS based on jQuery


Interop between Silverlight and the javascript based on jQuery. The syntax used in Silverlight is as close as posible to the jQuery syntax.

Examles of regular jQuery expressions:

    jQuery("span:last").offset({left : 10, top : 100}); 
    jQuery("div").css("border","3px solid red");

   jLight in Silvelight:

    jQuery.Select("span:last").Offset(new {left = 10, top = 100 }); 
    jQuery.Select("div").Css("border","3px solid red");

   But, with jLight you can interop between C# and javascipt. The code below runs thru each textbox and adds its value to a textbox.

    jQuery.Select("input:text").Each((a, b) =>
                        textBox1.Text += jQueryObject.FromObject(a).Val();
                        return false;

Via jLight


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