RIA Services – Enterprise Patterns with WCF RIA Services


A common question in the RIA Services forums is how RIA Services fit into best practices architecture. I was always impressed with the basic forms-over-data capabilities of RIA Services, but I definitely saw the opportunity to better architect my application so the framework concerns didn’t leak into the logic of my application.

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Patterns for Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework


This document provides a detailed and in-depth tour of support in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 4 for parallel programming. This includes an examination of common parallel patterns and how they’re implemented without and with this new support in the .NET Framework, as well as covering best practices for developing parallel components utilizing parallel patterns.

This document was written by Stephen Toub from the Parallel Computing Platform team at Microsoft. It is based on the .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010. Two versions of the document are available, one with code samples in C# and one with code samples in Visual Basic.

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How to unlock your creative genius


We are all creative but our human experience filters, and conscious mind, block out creative bursts. We are much more creative while sleeping when the subconscious mind is free to think outside the box and associate thought fragments in totally new ways. Think about your dreams. You create the characters, the story line, the scenes, the dialog, everything. All of us have a little Steven Spielberg inside us.

The New York Times has an interesting story today Charting Creativity: Signposts of a Hazy Territory. Dr. Rex Jung, a research scientist at the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque says;

“The brain appears to be an efficient superhighway that gets you from Point A to Point B” when it comes to intelligence, Dr. Jung explained. “But in the regions of the brain related to creativity, there appears to be lots of little side roads with interesting detours, and meandering little byways.”

Although intelligence and skill are generally associated with the fast and efficient firing of neurons, subjects who tested high in creativity had thinner white matter and connecting axons that have the effect of slowing nerve traffic in the brain. This slowdown in the left frontal cortex, a region where emotional and cognitive abilities are integrated, Dr. Jung suggested, “might allow for the linkage of more disparate ideas, more novelty and more creativity.”

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: How to unlock your creative genius

jQuery and Windows Azure

The goal of this blog entry is to describe how you can host a simple Ajax application created with jQuery in the Windows Azure cloud. In this blog entry, Stephen Walther assume that you have never used Windows Azure and going to walk through the steps required to host the application in the cloud in agonizing detail.

Our application will consist of a single HTML page and a single service. The HTML page will contain jQuery code that invokes the service to retrieve and display set of records.

There are five steps that you must complete to host the jQuery application:

  1. Sign up for Windows Azure
  2. Create a Hosted Service
  3. Install the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio
  4. Create a Windows Azure Cloud Service
  5. Deploy the Cloud Service

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