My Favorite Visual Studio Extension


  • Power Commands

    • Enable/Disable PowerCommands in Options dialog

    • Format document on save / Remove and Sort Usings on save

    • Clear All Panes

    • Copy Path

    • Email CodeSnippet

    • Insert Guid Attribute

    • Show All Files

    • Undo Close

    • Collapse Projects

    • Copy Class

    • Paste Class

    • Copy References

    • Paste References

    • Copy As Project Reference

    • Edit Project File

    • Open Containing Folder

    • Open Command Prompt

    • Unload Projects

    • Reload Projects

    • Remove and Sort Usings

    • Extract Constant

    • Clear Recent File List

    • Clear Recent Project List

    • Transform Templates

    • Close All

  • Pro Power Tools

    • * Document Well 2010 Plus
            o Tab Well UI
                  + Scrollable tabs
                  + Vertical tabs
                  + Pinned tabs
                  + Show close button in tab well
            o Tab Behavior
                  + Remove tabs by usage order (LRU)
                  + Show pinned tabs in a separate row/column
            o Sorting
                  + Sort tabs by project
                  + Sort tabs alphabetically
                  + Sort tab well dropdown alphabetically
            o Tab UI
                  + Color tabs according to their project or according to regular expressions
                  + Miscellaneous options that modify tab UI
      * Searchable Add Reference Dialog
      * Highlight Current Line
      * HTML Copy
      * Triple Click
      * Fix Mixed Tabs
      * Ctrl + Click Go To Definition
      * Align Assignments
      * Colorized Parameter Help
      * Move Line Up/Down Commands
      * Column Guides

  • VsCommands

  • Grouping items – you can group and ungroup items using IDE, something you would normally need to edit project file (DependentUpon)

  • Ungrouping items

  • Custom Grouping – you can choose any of the selected items to be a new root for others:

  • Locate in solution – some people don’t like auto tracking of current item in solution explorer but would like to locate current item on demand. It’s now easy to achieve, simply rightclick in code editor, select ‘Locate in Solution’ from context menu and current item will be highlighted in solution explorer.

  • Open in Expression Blend – open project in Expression Blend directly from Visual Studio interface

  • Copy/Paste As Link

  • Copy/Paste References – supports assembly, project and ActiveX references

  • Build Summary

  • Open File Location

  • Search Online

  • Attach To Local IIS

  • Copy Full Path

  • Build Startup Projects

  • Open Command Prompt

  • Thumbnails in IDE Navigator (Ctrl + Tab)

  • Zooming

  • Show All Items

  • Get Assembly Full Name

  • RegEx Editor

  • CodeCompare

  • tangible T4 Editor

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