WCF RIA Services Essentials at codeplex

The RIA Services Essentials project contains sample applications/extensions demonstrating using and extending WCF RIA Services v1.

  • Book Club – It was written to demonstrate some aspects of writing a semi-real-worldish application (note that it is still very much a demo app), but more importantly, demonstrating how you can use RIA Services effectively by going beyond the basics.
  • Here is a list of what the application demonstrates:

  • Entity framework data model with one-to-many and many-to-many relationships as well as use of stored procedures
  • Local data model augmented/mixed with a web service-based data model (in this case Amazon).
  • CRUD and more (queries, insert, update, delete, as well as named update methods, and invoke methods)
  • Use of convention and configuration for identifying CRUD operations
  • Validation (field level, entity level, operation level, change-set scoped, server-only validation, async validation)
  • Custom authentication (i.e. using your DAL/user table, rather than asp.net membership)
  • Authorization (including custom authorization rules)
  • Using authentication service and your User object in server code
  • Usage of DomainServiceFactory
  • Exposing reference data
  • Presentation model for defining custom (non-DAL) types for use between client and server
  • Shared code between client and server for validation rules
  • Query limits, and caching
  • Using RIA Services with MVVM on the client
  • Adding computed properties on Entities on the client along with propagation of change notifications
  • "More" style paging (as seen for example on twitter.com)
  • Display of pending changes, validation errors
  • Reference data used to fill lookup dropdown lists.
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