Using The Silverlight DataGrid with MVVM


View Model and the Silverlight DataGrid

The Silverlight DataGrid is a powerful control that allows inline editing, paging, sorting, and drag and drop re-ordering of columns. It can be challenging to understand when using normal code behind techniques, but sometimes downright baffling when using View Model / MVVM style programming.

In the following examples, we will not directly reference the DataGrid in the View Model. The code we will create can be consumed by any collection control such as a ListBox.

It’s Not The DataGrid You Want to Manipulate – It’s the Collection Bound To The DataGrid

For more -> Using The Silverlight DataGrid with View Model / MVVM – CodeProject

In conclusion – View Model – Less Code, Really!

Hopefully you can see that View Model is not hard at all. It really is not complicated once you see how it is done. Expression Blend was designed to work in "View Model Style", so you should have an easier time using Expression Blend when you use this simple pattern.

While it may seem easier to implement a DataGrid using code behind, you will usually find that you will need to create a lot of code to locate and modify values and properties in the DataGrid.

Controls such as the DataGrid are designed to Bind to collections. View Model is designed to implement binding. It’s the Binding that saves you code. Once a Binding is created, it will perform functionality automatically. you do not have to explicitly write code for each piece of functionality. Most importantly, you will Bind to, and gather parameters, directly from the DataGrid element that you are ultimately concerned with, rather than hooking into an event and then hunting for the real value you are looking for.

Furthermore, you will realize that a lot of programmatic functionality, is best implemented, on the underlying data source not the DataGrid it’s self.

Also note, this example uses standard web services, you can easily use WCF or WCF RIA Services. The View and the View Model would still be exactly the same.


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