Using COM Automation to overcome limitation of Silverlight 4


The new Silverlight 4 COM Automation feature can be used to perform a myriad of previously unavailable tasks in Silverlight.
Silverlight 4 offers the ability to initialize and use COM classes from Silverlight. These features are only available in elevated trust Out-Of-Browser mode on Windows machines. The majority of the COM Automation is centered around the ComAutomationFactory and ComAutomationEvent classes.

  • Write files anywhere on the local machine
  • Reading any file from the user’s machine
  • Execute/Run any command or file
  • Emulate user input
  • Pin files to the Windows 7 Taskbar
  • Read any Registry values
  • Add OOB App to Windows’ Startup
  • Pinning the OOB Application to Windows’ 7 Taskbar
  • Text to Speech
  • Execute SQL with Local Databases
  • Automate Scanners and Cameras
  • Use the Windows 7 Location API
  • Use Classes from the Full .Net framework
  • Use WMI to build FileSystemWatcher
  • Iterate over valid ProgIDs
  • Automate Microsoft Office

Via Cutting Edge Silverlight4 COM+ Features – Justin myJustin = new Silverlight.Expert.Justin();


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