Absolute Beginners Guide to Entity Framework


The Essentials

The Entity Framework bridges the gap between how developers commonly manipulate conceptual objects (customers, orders, products; posts, tags, members; wall posts, private messages, friend connections) and the way data is actually stored (records in database tables).  The technical term for a tool that provides this abstraction is object relational mapper (ORM).  ORMs help developers be more efficient and focused, since they don’t need to spend brain cycles thinking about how to communicate with the database.  It also means that the code is more portable – switching database software requires changing a setting in the ORM, not a rewrite of the whole codebase to match the new database’s dialect.  As someone who has programmed using the ORM in Django, I can tell you how such a tool makes development less tedious and more enjoyable when you don’t have to consider SELECTS and INSERTS.  In fact, I’ve never before written a line of SQL, yet I was able to build a rich web application thanks to an ORM.

Getting Started

One of the nice features of using the Entity Framework is its out-of-the-box simplicity.  To my pleasant surprise, I didn’t need to download, install, or patch anything to get started with my first EF app.  I booted up VS 2010, opened a new project, designed my entities, wrote my code, and off I went.  You can probably get a very simple app up and running in about 10 minutes.  To prove it, I’ll do exactly that as a step-by-step walkthrough below.  For this example, I’ll make a simple events calendar.

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