Handling and Troubleshooting WCF Faults in Silverlight


Shows you how to identfy the problems with your WCF services and how to fix them. He covers several topics including these:

  • Handling Faults: How to get exceptions propogated from the sderver to Silverlight e.g. using FaultBehavior (more detail about FaultBehavior go here @msdn)
  • How to use Fiddler to use with WCF  – replace localhost with ipv4.fiddler in SerivceReference.ClientConfig and Browser’s address bar
  • Using the new relative address feature in Silverlight 4’s ServiceReference.Clientconfig e.g. ..\xyz.svc

Via http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/SilverlightTV/Silverlight-TV-46-Whats-Wrong-with-my-WCF-Service


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