OData client libraries for .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7


ODataNetFx4_SL4_WinPhone7_Client.zip – contains a Visual Studio 2010 solution with the source code for the OData .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7 Client library. To use, unzip the file locally and open the solution in Visual Studio 2010.
ODataClient_BinariesAndCodeGenToolForWinPhone.zip – contains just the OData client assemblies and code generation tools for use on Windows Phone 7.
ODataClient_WinPhone7SampleApp.zip – contains a sample Windows Phone 7 application which uses the OData client library for Windows Phone 7


New Controls in Windows Phone Toolkit – Nov 2010





  • New Components
  • AutoCompleteBox – Very similar to the Silverlight AutoCompleteBox
  • ListPicker – Like a ComboBox
  • LongListSelector – Like a ListBox and supports more advanced scenarios such as really long lists
  • Page Transitions – Provides professional looking page transitions
  • Existing Components
    • GestureService/GestureListener
    • ContextMenu
    • DatePicker
    • TimePicker
    • ToggleSwitch
    • WrapPanel
  • download here: http://silverlight.codeplex.com/releases/view/55034

    More about the controls:



    31 Days of Windows Phone 7

    Day #1: Project Template
    Day #2: Page Navigation
    Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm
    Day #4: Device Orientation
    Day #5: System Theming
    Day #6: Application Bar
    Day #7: Launchers
    Day #8: Choosers
    Day #9: Debugger Tips
    Day #10: Input Scope (on-screen Keyboard)
    Day #11: Accelerometer
    Day #12: Vibration Controller
    Day #13: Location Services
    Day #14: Tombstoning
    Day #15: Isolated Storage
    Day #16: Panorama Control
    Day #17: Pivot Control
    Day #18: WebBrowser Control
    Day #19: Push Notification API
    Day #20: Map Control
    Day #21: Silverlight Toolkit
    Day #22: Apps vs. Games
    Day #23: Trial Versions of Your App
    Day #24: Embedding Fonts
    Day #25: Talking to Existing APIs (like Twitter)
    Day #26: Sharing Your App With Other Developers
    Day #27: Windows Phone Marketplace
    Day #28: Advertising SDK
    Day #29: Animations
    Day #30: Gestures
    Day #31: Charting

    Windows Phone 7 Monitoring and Analytics


    Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone.

    Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions have partnered to provide Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone – FREE development tools and a managed service to monitor and protect Windows Phone 7 applications till March 31st 2011. Both companies are committed to working to ensure that come March 2011, there is an affordable (read: less than $10 per month) service for developers who want access to rich and deep customer insight.  


    Application monitoring and analytics

    • Number of application sessions
    • Number of unique users
    • Feature usage counts and duration
    • General system and stability statistics

    To get started, simply visit PreEmptive’s site, get a Runtime Intelligence account, and download the code.  If you want to see a nice, quick tutorial, watch this video.  If you want a deeper dive, here is a Channel9 video exploring Dotfuscator.