Azure SQL Database–Getting Started


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Tutorials and Guides

Getting Started with SQL Database

Learn the fundamentals of Windows Azure SQL Database administration using just the Windows Azure Management Portal and the instructions in this tutorial.

Getting Started with SQL Data Sync

Use this tutorial to learn how to synchronize databases using SQL Data Sync in the Windows Azure Management Portal.

Windows Azure SQL Database library

Guidance and tutorials to help you understand how to use SQL Database. This library guidance contains information about compatibility issues, getting started, SQL Database concepts, development, and administration.

Management REST API Reference

Developer’s reference for the REST API, which you can use for managing SQL Database servers and their associated firewall rules.

Development Considerations in Windows Azure SQL Database

Learn about the best practices for developing applications for SQL Database.

Guidelines for Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database

Learn about the best practices for connecting third-party applications to SQL Database.

How to create and configure SQL Database

In this tutorial, you’ll create a logical server and configure the firewall using the management portal.

How to deploy a database to Windows Azure

This tutorial helps you use SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 or 2012 to move an on-premises SQL Server database to Windows Azure.

Managing SQL Database using SQL Server Management Studio

Learn how to add logins and users to SQL Database.

Monitoring SQL Database Using Dynamic Management Views

Learn how to use Data Management Views (DMVs) to monitor data capacity, query problems, and current connections.

How to Scale a SQL Database Solution

Understand techniques you can use to redistribute your workload across multiple commodity servers in a data center to address issues with data capacity or performance.



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