Secure a MVC application using Azure Active Directory AD Authentication with Visual Studio 2015

Here is the instruction on using Visual Studio 2015 preview to add Azure Active Directory SSO to an existing MVC Application.

1. Create an Azure Active Directory

2. Add user(s) to directory

3. Right-click the project and click “Configure Azure AD Authentication”


4. Enter your Active Directory Domain Name e.g.  This will integrate an Application to the Active Directory


5. Click the Application Link and click the Configure Tab and change the “Reply Url” to your webiste’s Url so Azure AD know where to send the SAML authentication tokens after successfully authenticated the Users.


6. optional update the [Authorize] attribute in the controllers

7. optional add the login/logout/username html to the view. e.g. add @Html.Partial(“_LoginPartial”) to _layout.cshtml

8. Finally publish the WebApp to Azure. Right click on project and click “Publish…”


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