MVC or Web Forms? A Dying Question


Everyone who talks about ASP.NET MVC gets asked the question:

    Should I use MVC or Web Forms?

There’s been quite a bit of debate on this topic, but in a couple years I don’t think it will matter.

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and the stories continues here MVC or Web Forms? A Dying Question until …


The question in the next decade won’t be: “MVC or Web Forms?”.

The question will be: “MVC or SharePoint?

But nobody will ask the question, because the answer is easier to figure out.



Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample


Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample

It’s almost time for the long awaited release of the Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0, the most awesomest release of the toolkit to date. The new version has great support for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms, WPF and basically any place you can run .NET.


Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample – Kevin Marshall’s Epic Work Blog for Awesome People

Labs of ASP.NET MVC Training Kit



Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
This hands-on-lab will introduce you to developing web applications with ASP.NET MVC and teach you the basic conventions and features contained within it. It will also show you how to unit test your custom controllers as well as your application’s route definitions.

Setup Lab Manual (html | docx)     Source Files

Enhancing Asp.NET MVC Applications
This hands-on-lab will show you how to deal with some additional common requirements that occur when developing application with ASP.NET MVC. This includes: handling form posting/validation, model binders, partial views, and action filters.

Setup Lab Manual (html | docx)     Source Files


MVC, MVP, MVVM Design Patterns


1. The 1st half of this article will compare and contrast MVC, MVP, and MVVM, and suggest which pattern to use based on your technology of choice and the problem that you are trying to solve. The 2nd half will be an overview about how MVVM could be used in Silverlight.



Read more here -> CodeProject: Model View Controller, Model View Presenter, and Model View ViewModel Design Patterns. Free source code and programming help

2. Model-View-ViewModel (better known by its super hero alias of MVVM ) is a great pattern to use with Silverlight and WPF. Here is a 5 minute perspective on MVVM.


1 reason MVVM works really well with XAML based applications is because of the powerful XAML binding features. This allows the View (the presentation of to the user) to be separated from the data and the logic. The View can be designed in Expression Blend while the ViewModel can be developed in Visual Studio .NET. It allows for the presentation to be separated very easily. This is just 1 reason, albeit a powerful one.


Read more here –>

Integrating OpenID / OAuth in an ASP.NET MVC Application using DotNetOpenAuth



How to implement OpenId for authentication rather than the custom username/password login that’s been in use up until now. OpenId is a centralized login/authentication mechanism which handles authentication through one or more centralized OpenId providers. These providers live on the Web and are accessed through a forwarding and callback mechanism – you log in at the provider’s site and are then returned to the original starting Url with an authorized user token that uniquely identifies that user to the original site.

Via Integrating OpenID in an ASP.NET MVC Application using DotNetOpenAuth – Rick Strahl’s Web Log