Eliminate duplication in CSS with .less – a .NET HTTP handler


One of the frustrating aspects of working with CSS (one of many, actually) is the amount of duplication in a .css file. .less help to keep your CSS files DRY using 4 constructs:

  • Variables
  • Mixins
  • Operations
  • Nested Rules


An HTTP handler is configured to respond to requests for the .less files.

    <add type="dotless.Core.LessCssHttpHandler, dotless.Core" validate="false" path="*.LESS" verb="*"/>

When a request arrives for a .less file it is the handler’s job to parse the .less file and transform it into standard CSS rule sets.


Adding Gravatar in ASP.NET



Part 1: Adding Gravatars to your ASP.NET site in a few lines of code – It’s easy to add avatars to your site

Part 2: Avatars? Isn’t that some kind of D&D comic book stuff? – Avatars can help make your community website feel more like a community and less like a website

Part 3: Gravatar 201: Advanced Gravatars in ASP.NET

Also, identicon – the 9-block IP Identification. Identicon.NET in codeplex.

Also, Gravatars is used in open source ASP.NET projects: dasBlog (weblog system), SubText (weblog system), and DotNetKicks.