Blend Tips and Tricks by Mike Taulty

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Templating ListBox Controls with Silverlight


This video demonstrates the power of templating using a ListBox and its various templates, including the ItemsPanel, ListBoxItem, Data Template, and more. This is a great episode to watch if you ever wanted to know how to template controls, or even if you just want to know what all those templates are for and how to use them in Blend.

Using Behaviors in Blend

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Adam Kinney demonstrates how to take advantage of behaviors in Expression Blend 4. He creates several demonstrations using the new DataStore and conditional behavior features in concert with several new behaviors including ChangePropertyAction, ControlStoryBoardAction, SetDataStoreValueAction, and the custom Mouse3DBehavior.

Via Using Behaviors in Blend 4 (Silverlight TV 30) | Silverlight TV | Channel 9

Microsoft Design .toolbox – Learn to create Silverlight application using Expression Studio



Learn the fundamentals of Silverlight and Expression Studio. Start with basic techniques and build your skills to create more advanced applications. Design Scenarios is comprised of four levels that increase in difficulty with three training modules per level. Each module deconstructs a Silverlight application to teach you must-know features and techniques


All great applications start with a foundation in design. The Design Principles track gets back to basics with key design concepts that will help you create slick and functional web applications. Each of the four level groupings contains three modules, each focused on design fundamentals.