Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform – Official Support by Microsoft & Facebook

Official support from Facebook & Microsoft: the Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform.


To get started we recommend you download the SDK and refer to the "How to" guides and the Facebook Developer Wiki to get familiar with these new resources.

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Refer to the detailed instructions on the Facebook Developer Wiki. Here are some important links to use as a starting point.

Facebook SDK Version 3.0 Notes

ASP.NET Development
ToolKit Content Folder
Facebook Platform
Other Platforms



Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample


Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample

It’s almost time for the long awaited release of the Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0, the most awesomest release of the toolkit to date. The new version has great support for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WinForms, WPF and basically any place you can run .NET.


Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 – ASP.NET MVC Sample – Kevin Marshall’s Epic Work Blog for Awesome People

Facebook Connect, as Easy as 1 2 3

Today Facebook is launching the Facebook Connect Wizard and Playground -– tools that simplify the implementation process so that developers and non-developers alike can experience the benefits of Facebook Connect including increased traffic and site engagement.

The Power of Facebook Connect

Establishing a presence on the social Web requires fundamental building blocks. Facebook provides these essential tools, including identity for a great registration system, and immediate access to 300 million active global users. Facebook Connect gives entrepreneurs of all sizes — and with varying developer resources — the ability to build traffic efficiently through reaching a relevant audience, while offering an engaging user experience. From making the registration process easier for users, to bringing friends together, to gaining distribution from sharing back to Facebook, there are many benefits that come along with Facebook Connect, and facebook is focused on helping you optimize your website and service to provide a more social experience for users.

With the Connect Wizard, you can now incorporate Facebook Connect into your site in 3 easy steps.

Additionally, the Playground for Facebook Connect provides code samples for adding profile pictures, user names, and friends to your site. We will continue to add more code samples as we see more usage.

LINQ to FQL (Facebook Query Language)


LINQ to FQL is an open source project, sources, binaries and samples can be found at CodePlex. This library extends the Facebook Developer Toolkit.


This library enables developers to use LINQ (.NET Language-Integrated Query) with Facebook instead of string based FQL queries. The main benefits for using this library are:

  • Type safety: queries are now typed and their syntax is verified during compilation.
  • Auto-complete now function when composing queries in Visual Studio.
  • Using Facebook / anonymous objects for query results.

Example: this following sample code retrieves the names and pictures of all of your friends.

var db = new FacebookDataContext();
var friendIDs = from friend in db.friend_info where friend.uid1 == db.uid select friend.uid2;
var friendDetails = from user in db.user where friendIDs.Contains(user.uid) select new { Name =, Picture = user.pic_small };

Via CodeProject: LINQ to FQL (Facebook Query Language). Free source code and programming help

How to Integrate with Facebook Connect


How to Integrate with Facebook Connect

Bill Konrad

This article demonstrates how to integrate Facebook Connect into your existing site in just a few simple steps. It teaches the basics of integration with full sample code included for download.


Facebook Connect is the newest offering from the Facebook team in their efforts to socially connect the web as we know it. The platform provides ‘social context’ to existing sites, allowing for Facebook notification of events that occur in third party platforms / sites. This is in contrast to the existing Facebook Application platform which focuses on internal applications rendered directly within the platform itself.

Via How to Integrate with Facebook Connect – Devtacular

How to Use the Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0


Visual Studio 2008 Facebook Starter Kit

Steve Trefethen developed a starter kit and good set of instructions for using the Toolkit. You can find his resources at his site, application development in ASP.NET.ashx.

How to Use the Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0

Bill Konrad
The Facebook Developer Toolkit project has just released version 2.0 of their ASP.NET API into the wild, so let’s go over the basics. In this article, we focus on creating an absolutely bare bones FBML application that leverages the API. Enjoy!

How to Use the Facebook Developer Toolkit 2.0 – SocialSnippets


How to Style an Application Like Facebook

Bill Konrad
In this article we will explore how we can style our Facebook application to look and feel like an extension of the Facebook platform. We will examine colors, fonts, dimensions and a few common design patterns utlized by the Facebook platform in our quest to fit in with the crowd. For more goto