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Using Visual Studio 2013 Preview on Azure Virtual Machine




The Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Preview image provides the capability to quickly provision a development environment for Web/SQL development and for SharePoint 2013 development on an Azure Virtual machine. The image contains the following components:

· Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Preview

· SQL Server 2012 Express

· SharePoint 2013 Trial

· Scripts to provision SharePoint 2013 and SQL Express

The scripts on the image allow you to configure the virtual machine for either SQL, Web development or for SharePoint development.

The virtual machine can be provisioned through the portal or through PowerShell and PowerShell Remoting. This tutorial will guide you through both options.

NuPack Package management system for .NET

NuPack is a package management system for .NET. The goal of NuPack is to make the process of incorporating third party libraries into your solutions as simple as possible.

  1. Works with your source code. NuPack doesn’t touch anything outside of your solution folder. The changes that NuPack makes can be committed to source control
  2. Works against a well known central feed
  3. Command Line and GUI based user interfaces
  4. NuPack walks its way up the dependency chain and gets all the packages it needs, installing each. Packages can add scripts, content, references, and even run postscripts written in PowerShell if they need something fancy.
  5. From the Package Manager Console you get Intellisense for all the packages that are available


Right-click on References and click Add Package Reference…



Creating A Snippet From Scratch Step by Step in VS 2010

The following describes how to create a new snippet file from scratch using the Snippet Designer



for more –>

You can also Right Click "Export as Snippet", “Insert Snippet” menu option added to C#, VB and XML code editor to send highlighted code directly to the Snippet Editor or import it.



New Version of the Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio



Solution Navigator

Solution Navigator is a new VS 2010 tool window provided with this week’s update.  It acts like an enhanced Solution Explorer.  It merges functionality from Solution Explorer, Class View, Object Browser, Call Hierarchy, Navigate To, and Find Symbol References all into one tool window – and is pretty darn cool.

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