Windows Phone 7 Monitoring and Analytics


Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone.

Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions have partnered to provide Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone – FREE development tools and a managed service to monitor and protect Windows Phone 7 applications till March 31st 2011. Both companies are committed to working to ensure that come March 2011, there is an affordable (read: less than $10 per month) service for developers who want access to rich and deep customer insight.  


Application monitoring and analytics

  • Number of application sessions
  • Number of unique users
  • Feature usage counts and duration
  • General system and stability statistics

To get started, simply visit PreEmptive’s site, get a Runtime Intelligence account, and download the code.  If you want to see a nice, quick tutorial, watch this video.  If you want a deeper dive, here is a Channel9 video exploring Dotfuscator.


Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet

Here’s a cheat sheet quick guide to a bunch of great MSDN resources on Windows Phone 7 development.

  Getting Started

  Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone

  Windows Phone Emulator

  Fundamental Concepts for Windows Phone

  Common Application Development Tasks for Windows Phone

  Globalization and Localization for Windows Phone

  Application Features for Windows Phone

  WebBrowser Control for Windows Phone

  Media for Windows Phone

  Photos for Windows Phone

  Push Notifications for Windows Phone

  Windows Phone Developer Tools


Code Samples for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Development

The Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update

  • Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool – Detects the phone capabilities used by your application. When you submit your application to Windows Phone Marketplace , Microsoft performs a code analysis to detect the phone capabilities required by your application and then replaces the list of capabilities in the application manifest with the result of this detection process. This tool performs the same detection process and allows you to test your application using the same list of phone capabilities generated during the certification process. For more information, see How to: Use the Capability Detection Tool.
  • Windows Phone Connect Tool – Allows you to connect your phone to a PC when Zune® software is not running and debug applications that use media APIs. For more information, see How to: Use the Connect Tool.
  • Updated Bing Maps Silverlight Control – Includes improvements to gesture performance when using Bing™ Maps Silverlight® Control.

How to capture audio from your microphone in WP7


One very common task for many mobile applications is the ability to capture the audio from your microphone and use it inside your application. Doing this on your WP7 device could not be easier.  To do this you really need like 20 lines of code .

Here is the code:

RSS News Framework for Windows Phone 7


News Framework is an offline news reading framework on which any RSS based news website can have its own Windows Phone 7 application in just minutes. The configuration, content and styles can be managed from outside of the framework itself to fit the needs.


  • Offline news reading experience
  • Text size adjustment
  • Save for later
  • Share with friends via SMS/Email
  • News by category
  • Rotation support
  • Search within the news
  • Theme support
  • Open Source: to be released very soon. Only a demo app is currently available.
  • Full functioning demo included: An unofficial Mashable fan app. See below images.

Blog: 3 steps to build a Windows Phone 7 app using News Framework



Sterling Isolated Storage Database with LINQ for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7


Sterling is a lightweight object-oriented database implementation for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 that works with your existing class structures. Sterling supports full LINQ to Object queries over keys and indexes for fast retrieval of information from large data sets.
The goal behind Sterling is to keep it:

  • Non-intrusive. You shouldn’t have to change your classes just to persist them.
  • Lightweight. As of this writing, the DLL for Sterling is under 70 Kb. No one needs to bloat their project for something as simple as persisting data.
  • Flexible. While the core is light, Sterling is designed to handle any serialization task and make it ultra-easy to query databases using LINQ-to-Objects.
  • Portable. Sterling is designed to run on both Silverlight 4.0 and the Windows Phone 7.



Sample App: