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App Hub is the website created just for Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE Indie Games developers that provides free tools, sample code, community support, and educational resources to help you develop your apps and games for Windows Phone and Xbox 360.

Publish your apps and games to App Hub and reach every Windows Phone 7 user.

  • Develop your app using Silverlight or XNA Framework in Visual Studio 2010 or Expression Blend
  • Unlock connected experiences with Location Services, Web Services, and Windows Azure
  • Free or pay apps – it’s your choice with Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Apps are certified through Windows Phone Marketplace submission

Reach 25 million Xbox LIVE members worldwide over Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

  • Use XNA Game Studio and Visual Studio 2010 to unleash high-definition graphics and multiplayer play over Xbox LIVE
  • Easily develop and test your game on Xbox 360 using XNA Game Studio Connect
  • Choose a price point and sell your game on Xbox LIVE Indie Games
  • Games are peer-reviewed by developers just like you


Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit – RTM Refresh

Here is the complete list of labs:

Silverlight Labs:

  • Hello Phone
  • Building Your First Windows Phone Application
  • Windows Phone Navigation and Controls
  • Using Push Notifications
  • Launcher and Choosers
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Using Bing Maps
  • Using Pivot and Panorama Controls

XNA Framework Labs:

  • Game Development with XNA Framework
  • Catapult Wars Lab – A 2D Physics Game
  • Using Choosers and Handling Tombstone in XNA Framework Games
  • 3D Game Development with XNA Framework

You can download an offline version of all of these Kit modules:

Online version at Channel 9

  • Getting Started with Windows Phone

    Getting Started with Windows Phone

    Windows Phone development platform supports both XNA Framework and Silverlight. This unit takes you through the step-by-step creation of your first Windows Phone Silverlight application.

  • Silverlight for Windows Phone

    Silverlight for Windows Phone

    While Silverlight runs on the phone, there are some differences between Silverlight and Silverlight for the Windows Phone, not to mention some new controls and concepts. This unit focuses on all the new Silverlight controls, concepts, and tools for Windows Phones.

  • XNA Framework 4.0 for Windows Phones

    XNA Framework 4.0 for Windows Phones

    XNA Game Studio 4.0 supports multiple platforms, including XBox 360, several Windows OS versions, and the latest addition, Windows Phone. While this unit doesn’t offer a complete XNA Framework tutorial, it does introduce you to the basics of programming XNA Framework games with XNA Game Studio for…