MVC or Web Forms? A Dying Question


Everyone who talks about ASP.NET MVC gets asked the question:

    Should I use MVC or Web Forms?

There’s been quite a bit of debate on this topic, but in a couple years I don’t think it will matter.

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and the stories continues here MVC or Web Forms? A Dying Question until …


The question in the next decade won’t be: “MVC or Web Forms?”.

The question will be: “MVC or SharePoint?

But nobody will ask the question, because the answer is easier to figure out.



What Community Means to Me


  • Community Means Connecting, not Credentials
  • Community Means Constantly Congregating and Chatting
  • Community Means Crazy Chaos, Not Calm Continuity
  • Community Means Creativity, Not Coordination and Control
  • Community Means Concepts, Not Contracts
  • Community Means Crediting Contributors
  • Community Means Choices, Not Clear-Cut Consensus
  • Community Requires Championing Choices

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Windows 7 Development Resources


Get Windows 7 and the SDK



Virtual Machine