5 Steps Toward jQuery Mastery


Most of us get our first taste of jQuery by implementing a simple animation effect or using a plugin for a specific purpose. This is natural because, like JavaScript itself, jQuery lends itself to beginning with the basics and building from there.

As you branch out from the trivial and begin using jQuery for more complex solutions, it’s important that you stay vigilant for new ways to approach those more involved problems. What works well enough for a dozen lines of code may not work for hundreds, and the unforgiving cross-platform environment that comes along with developing for web browsers only magnifies any trouble you run into.

With that in mind, I want to share a few tips with you that I found valuable as my work with jQuery became more complex.

  • Use Firebug to experiment interactively …
  • Cache selector results …
  • Don’t use jQuery unless there’s a good reason to …
  • Learn advanced selectors, filters, and traversals …
  • Use CDN hosting when available …

Goto 5 Steps Toward jQuery Mastery | Encosia for details


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